I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) (3:50) - Stanley/Child
Heaven's On Fire (3:18) - Stanley/Child
Burn Bitch Burn (4:38) - Simmons
Get All You Can Take (3:42) - Stanley/Weissman
Lonely Is The Hunter (4:27) - Simmons

Under The Gun (3:59) - Stanley/Carr/Child
Thrills In The Night (4:18) - Stanley/Beauvoir
While The City Sleeps (3:39) - Simmons/Weissman
Murder In High Heels (3:51) - Simmons/Weissman

Dátum vydania 13. September 1984
Producent Paul Stanley

Mercury/PolyGram 822-495-1/2/4 (US, 9/13/84)
Mercury 558-859-2 (USA, 9/1/98 - Remaster)

Hrali na albume:

Paul Stanley Lead & rhythm guitar/Bass/Lead vocals on A1, A2, A4, B1 & B2/back-up vocals.
Gene Simmons Bass/lead vocals on A3, A5, B3 & B4/Back-up vocals.
Mark St. John Lead & rhythm guitar.
Eric Carr Drums/Back-up vocals.
Desmond Child Back-up vocals.
Jean Beauvoir Bass on A4, B1 & B2/Back-up vocals.
Alan Schwartzberg Assorted drum overdubs.
Bruce Kulick Guitar Solo on A5/Lead guitar overdubs on B4

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